Saturday, September 15, 2012

The remarkable tablet revealed ahead of IFA 2012

The remarkable tablet revealed ahead of IFA 2012
Although the exhibition IFA 2012 is not officially open but the bulk technology companies have launched their latest product. Tablets are still the focal point in any product exhibition.
Sony Xperia Tablet S

những máy tính bảng đáng chú ý lộ diện trước thềm ifa 2012
As expected, Sony has unveiled its new tablet called the Tablet Xperia S at its press conference at IFA 2012 exhibition entrance.

Products with 9.4-inch widescreen display, 1280x800 resolution. Equipped with quad core processor and operates on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Xperia Tablet S is equipped with an SD card reader and three versions of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory. 8 megapixel camera on the back of the machine is also front camera 1 megapixel.

Dự kiến Xperia Tablet S sẽ có mức giá dao động từ 399 USD đến 599 USD.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 

những máy tính bảng đáng chú ý lộ diện trước thềm ifa 2012
A representative from Sony, but Vaio Duo 11 is not just a tablet computer tablet is considered "hybrid" laptop. Machine is equipped with a physical keyboard below the screen can be opened by sliding horizontally. Vaio Duo 11 is also equipped with a pen stylus to write directly on the screen.

Vaio Duo 11 has a 11.6-inch touch screen, HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080), equipped with Intel Core i processor (optional Core i3, i5 or i7), graphics processors Intel HD Graphics 4000, optional 4 or 8GB RAM, with gel SSD (128GB or 256GB). Support connected near the NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and HD camera both front and back.

Vaio Duo 11 using the operating system Windows 8 and will be released at the end of October next.

Asus Vivo Tab

những máy tính bảng đáng chú ý lộ diện trước thềm ifa 2012

Asus opening at IFA 2012 with two new tablets, Asus Vivo Tab (works on Windows 8) and Asus Vivo Tab RT (using Windows RT). This is the second successor product design style of previous Transformer tablet form with keypad types can be connected to the product to become a traditional laptop.

In vivo Tab RT version only has a 10.1-inch wide screen, use Nvidia's quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, version Vivo Tab 11.6-inch widescreen display, processor use Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM and operates on the full Windows 8.

It is unclear whether the price as well as on the appearance of the 2 This product samples.

Archos GamePad

những máy tính bảng đáng chú ý lộ diện trước thềm ifa 2012
French technology firm Archos has unveiled at IFA tablet for gaming with called Archos gamepad.

The tablet has a 7-inch screen has a combination of physical controls on products so that users can experience the game in a convenient and comfortable as possible. Archos gamepad using single-core processor 1.5 GHz quad-core graphics processor Mali 400mp.

Unlike other game consoles of the previous Archos, Archos gamepad works on the Android platform and can access the app store Google Play to install more applications. Archos also said it will pre-installed games that many people love their products.

Archos gamepad will be released in late October market expected to come at a price not exceeding 130 pounds (about 206 USD).
Toshiba U925t 

những máy tính bảng đáng chú ý lộ diện trước thềm ifa 2012

Have similar design styles Vaio Duo 11 Sony, Toshiba U925t also a laptop "hybrid" smartphone, with horizontal sliding keyboard hidden beneath a 12.5-inch touch screen.

U925t use the processor Intel Core i5 and 128GB SSD hard drive capacity. The unit is also equipped with a full range of ports like on my laptop with 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, memory card reader. It also supports near field communication NFC.

Products using Windows 8 and is scheduled to be available in the market at the end of October next.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Leakage duo smartphones Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8

Leakage duo smartphones Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8

Photos and information about the duo smartphone platform using Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8 has been leaked today. Most likely this is the second Nokia smartphone will be unveiled at a special event about to take place on 5/9 here.
2 smartphones called Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 smartphone using Nokia's Windows Phone 8 platform has been leaked on the Internet today.

hình ảnh bị rò rỉ của lumia 920 (trên) và lumia 820 (dưới)
hình ảnh bị rò rỉ của lumia 920 (trên) và lumia 820 (dưới)
Leaked images of the Lumia 920 (above) and Lumia 820 (below)

Prominent of which is the Lumia 920 smartphone, known with codename Africa. This is the most powerful smartphone in Nokia's Lumia line, with a large 4.5-inch screen. Notably, Nokia will provide its smartphone technology photo PureView to get the camera with high resolution and good image quality, similar to the camera on smartphone PureView 808.

2nd leak smartphone Nokia Lumia 820, with a smaller design, is said to be codenamed Arrow, will have a 4.3-inch screen.

The two products are appearing with many different colors, with a style designed similar the Nokia Lumia ago.

Nokia has not made ​​any comment about this product. Expected range of Nokia smartphones using Windows Phone 8 will be released on 5/9 here in New York (USA).
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photo-generation iPhone "progress" with the old iPhone

Photo-generation iPhone "progress" with the old iPhone

- Closer to the date of the new generation iPhone was released, the information and pictures of this smartphone is expected of Apple leaks more. Most recently, the series image "Resume" of iPhone 5 and 2 "brother" iPhone 4 and the 3GS has been leaked on the Internet.
Pages technology France have to upload the latest series of photos for the iPhone is the new generation is about to be released by Apple.

In the series of photos shared by the technology available, the new iPhone screen "in progress" with two versions of the iPhone before the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. These images show that the new iPhone screen is longer but thinner than the iPhone 4.

This is more likely to be true because according to rumors leaked earlier said the new iPhone will be wider than the old iPhone screen (4-inch vs. 3.5-inch) and thinner size by using the new screen technology.

Currently there is no any official information about the new generation iPhone, except the sources said Apple will release their 5th generation smartphone on 12/9 here and will be officially on sale on 21/9.

Apple has not made any comment on the rumors regarding its upcoming products.

Series of pictures "over design" of the new generation iPhone and the old iPhone version:

iphone thế hệ mới (nằm giữa) có kích cỡ mỏng hơn so với iphone 4 (trái) và iphone 3gs (phải)
new-generation iPhone (between) the size thinner than the iPhone 4 (left) and iPhone 3GS (right)

iphone thế hệ mới (nằm giữa) có kích cỡ mỏng hơn so với iphone 4 (trái) và iphone 3gs (phải)
Compare SIM slot that the new iPhone SIM more likely to use smaller size compared to the previous version

màn hình iphone thế hệ mới lớn hơn so với iphone 4
New-generation iPhone screen larger than the iPhone 4

so sánh mặt của iphone mới với iphone 4...
Comparison of the new iPhone to the iPhone 4 ...

... và iphone 3gs
... and iPhone 3GS

cách bố trí của camera và đèn flash của iphone mới và iphone 4
The layout of the camera and the flash of the new iPhone and iPhone 4

hình ảnh được cho là của iphone thế hệ mới của apple
Images for the new generation of Apple's iPhone
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Discover excellent imaging applications of Nokia Lumia 900

Discover excellent imaging applications of Nokia Lumia 900

Lumia Nokia 900 does not only impress with beautiful design, but also conquer the world with camera 8 MP camera, Carl Zeiss lens and camera on the front. With Nokia CreativeStudio proprietary applications, you can choose visual effects even before the shooting.
khám phá ứng dụng chụp hình xuất sắc của nokia lumia 900

Megapixel is not the only figure evaluating the quality of a camera. Nokia scored thanks to a combination of Carl Zeiss lens, aperture 2.2 and a large camera lens focal length 28mm lens. To put it simply, a large aperture gives you better quality pictures even in low light conditions. Surely you've been disappointed many times when shooting indoors by phone because he was "nuts". Aperture and lens focal Nokia will help you completely eliminate the condition. Not only that, the front camera of Nokia Lumia 900 also has a large aperture, ensuring quality video calls call.
Tip for you:  you do not need to open the Home screen to view photos. Even when the screen is off, you just hold down 3s to start the camera and "grab" immediately memorable. In addition, Nokia also supports the "photographers" do not specialize in a variety of unique applications in the Marketplace that is most prominent proprietary applications Nokia Creative Studio:
khám phá ứng dụng chụp hình xuất sắc của nokia lumia 900
Usually, you take pictures first and then perform editing tasks on the computer but with the exclusive Nokia CreativeStudio application, you can choose visual effects even before the shooting.
Live styles:
With the capture option on Nokia Creative Studio Live styles, you can take pictures with the effects:
§  Sketch
§  Dreamy
§  Night vision
§  Cartoon
§  Colour
§  Silkscreen
khám phá ứng dụng chụp hình xuất sắc của nokia lumia 900
directly through the viewfinder hostname without having to edit later. On the other hand, you can also select images are available in the directory and add effects. In addition to the effects of the Live Style, edit function, an additional image effects:
face warps:
Face Warps:

This feature allows you to "edit" face book friends ... no cutlery! You can create you own a double chin, mouth wide to ultra Julia Roberts also offers lost or long nose like Pinocchio the boy in Hans Christian Andersen story. 
face warps:
In addition, the Creative Studio also lets you capture scenes Panorama mode which is reserved for professional cameras. After you capture the first image, the machine will guide you to shoot more three more panels to assemble panorama. The next class session you can capture all the faces of friends in a photo I got you. After selecting the image you like, just a few seconds to share with friends on Facebook with Nokia Lumia 900. Do not forget to tag your friends with your same Nhe fun!
*** Version 7.8 updated to Window Phone
Nokia will continue to update the latest applications to the phone line so that users Lumia a better experience. Therefore, in this July in Vietnam market appears new applications developed by Nokia as Nokia Camera Extras that captures a series of a knob just click and automatically selects the most beautiful plate. With the Nokia City Lens, you can explore the convergence of "dissipated" by using the camera only when you put the camera to where the next location will appear here. Also, you can upgrade to Windows Mobile 7.8 version with most features will be in the Window Phone 8, including the ability to customize the interface Live Metro Tiles.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Apple does not disappoint fans at WWDC 2012

Apple does not disappoint fans at WWDC 2012

Do not make the user's technology and be disappointed when Apple unveiled the new product range at the developer conference WWDC 2012 Global opened this morning at 0 hours (by now Vietnam). Expect nothing in >> Apple at WWDC this year? Beam images >>: Before Apple "launched way" at WWDC 2012
Yes 0 hours this morning, 12/6 (by now Vietnam), at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Center, CEO Tim Cook was officially Commerce Conference WWDC 2012, one of the annual event of great interest in Apple.

And as predicted by the technology world, Apple has released the series as well as upgrade their products to the new version of this meeting.

6 IOS release, integrate Facebook

The launch of the mobile operating system IOS 6 is one of the most anticipated at this year's WWDC, Apple, and indeed, did not betray the expectations for this.

Rather than just support Twitter as previous IOS version 5 is now iOS 6 was more integrated into social networking applications operating systems.
ios 6 được trình làng với hàng loạt tính năng mới
6 IOS release, integrate Facebook

The launch of the mobile operating system IOS 6 is one of the most anticipated at this year's WWDC, Apple, and indeed, did not betray the expectations for this.
Not only that, users can also view the applications were Facebook friends when your favorite stock access to the App Store. And when users share email addresses or their phone number on Facebook, this information will automatically appear in your iPhone contacts.

Mobile OS Apple iOS first integrated social networking Twitter from IOS version 5 last year. Since iOS more integrated social networks, the number of Apple users access to Twitter has increased 3 times. Currently, there are about 10 billion tweets posted from the IOS image 5 and 47% share on Twitter via devices using IOS.
With integrated into IOS version 6, this is not just a success of Facebook which is also good news of IOS users when they have more choices, especially as Facebook are approaching a billion users worldwide.
Siri - Smarter and support iPad

As expected, Apple has officially brought to a virtual assistant Siri his iPad, but currently only supports 3rd party iPad (New iPad).
như sự kỳ vọng, trợ lý ảo siri đã chính thức xuất hiện trên ipad mới
As the expectations, virtual assistant Siri has officially appear on the new iPad

Rather than supporting the new iPad, which according to Apple, the Siri Virtual Assistant will become more intelligent and friendly on the IOS platform 6. Now, users can enable applications via Siri instead to find and click on the icon on screen before.

Siri also has been integrated with Facebook, allowing users to update or share information on Facebook through voice commands.

Notably, instead of supporting English as before, which is considered a limited and language barriers, now Apple has allowed Syria to support more languages, including Japanese, English / French for Canadian users, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese ...
In addition, Apple also said the company is working with leading car manufacturers today as Audi, BMW, GM, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover and Chevrolet to integrate the functionality of the Siri on wheel.

chức năng kết nối với siri sẽ được xuất hiện trong những mẫu xe tương lai
Functions connected with Siri will appear in future models

This allows users to use the phone via voice Siri without leaving the steering wheel or look in the device, helps minimize distractions while driving, is one of the causes of first caused the accident. Expected that the first car built this feature will be released within 12 months.

Mac OS X Release for $ 19.99 Mountain Lion

Besides the upgrade of IOS 6, Apple also unveiled the operating system for personal computers of their latest, Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
This operating system will cost $ 19.99 in July and sold here, but according to Craig Federrichi, director in charge of Apple's Mac OS X that Mac users buy new computers during the period from now and July will be a free upgrade to the new operating system.

mac os x mountain lion sẽ được bán ra vào tháng 7 tới đây
Mountain Lion Mac OS X will be available in July to the following

Mountain Lion is the operating system for personal computers are Apple introduced version was first tested in February this year. With the official version, the Mountain Lion is significantly enhanced, particularly for applications built on

Most notably in the updated features on the Mountain Lion that is cloud storage service iCloud, which Apple introduced last year and iMessage applications, which can only be used on the iPhone and the iPad, allowing the users send free text messages, video to iPhone users, iPad and Macs.

Video introduction of Mac OS X features the Mountain Lion:

Upgrading Macbook Pro - powerful and Configuration screen Retina

Do not just focus on the upgrading of software and operating systems available, but Apple also upgraded its hardware products, which is very widely expected.

Specifically, the laptop's most powerful Apple MacBook Pro has a really impressive upgrade.

"The best computer we've ever created," said CEO Tim Cook confident about the new MacBook Pro computer, to design lighter and thinner.

macbook pro có thiết kế mỏng và nhẹ hơn so với trước đây
MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter design than previous

Specifically, the new generation MacBook Pro will be equipped with Intel Core i the latest generation of Intel (Ivy Bridge), including the Core i7 or Core i5 (depending on the user's choice) with more RAM memory to 16GB ..

Like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro new generation will also be equipped with solid state hard drive format, with maximum capacity up to 768GB. With the use of SSD for MacBook Pro design is thinner and lighter. Product is only 18mm thick and weighs 2 kg, equivalent to the size ultrabook variety on the market today. It is thin and light MacBook Pro from Apple so far.

A very noticeable upgrade of the MacBook Pro is a product that will be equipped with Retina screen, similar to the screen being used on the current iPad and iPhone. With a 15.4-inch widescreen display, MacBook Pro but will have a resolution up to 2880x1800 pixel density of 220ppi. This helps MacBook Pro into a laptop screen with a resolution of the world's largest.

The screen on the MacBook Pro also has the larger angle and Apple also reduces glare on the screen down to 75% compared to the past.

With the screen ultra-high resolution, the Apple CEO Tim Cook said the software on Mac OS X has been upgraded to improve the details on the software. In addition, the software maker also is urgently upgrade its products to be displayed on the screen smoothest new MacBook Pro.

màn hình retina cho chất lượng hình ảnh siêu nét
Màn hình Retina cho chất lượng hình ảnh siêu nét

Despite the screen with ultra-sharp resolution and configuration "framework", but also battery life on your very impressive. Apple says battery offering 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge and a standby time of up to 30 days.

In terms of connectivity, the new generation MacBook Pro is equipped with USB 3.0 ports, 2 high-speed data transfer Thunderbolt, HDMI and SD card reader.

macbook pro mới được hỗ trợ nhiều cổng kết nối
New MacBook Pro supports multiple ports

MacBook Pro will be available on the market from today, the price for the basic version (Intel Core i7 quad-core 2.4 GHz, RAM 8 GB, 256 GB hard drive) is $ 2,199.

Upgrading configuration for MacBook Air

Along with the MacBook Pro upgrade entirely new version, Apple also upgraded the laptop configured for your MacBook Air ultra-thin.

Specifically, the MacBook Air will be upgraded to Core i Ivy Bridge the latest generation of Intel, the Intel Turbo Boosting, maximum speed 3.2 GHz. MacBook Air will also support up to 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD hard drive storage format, with the speed 500Mbps. Speed ​​graphics processor on the MacBook Air also be sped up by 60% compared to before.
macbook air cũng đã được nâng cấp lên cấu hình mới mạnh mẽ hơn
MacBook Air has been upgraded to more powerful new configuration

Apple also has equipped USB 3.0 ports on the MacBook Air, with data transfer speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

MacBook Air also sold starting today, with 2 versions: 11-inch version is priced starting at 999 USD, while 13-inch version is priced starting at $ 1,199.
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Penthouse $ 81,000 a night

Penthouse $ 81,000 a night

More than 1.670m2 area, equipped fitness area, fitness center, meeting rooms ... team available 24 hours a day, attic apartment called the Royal Swiss hotel was leased $ 81,000 a night.> Macro luxury hotel $ 15,000 a night> Admire the magnificent villas 540 billionUndo edits
Apartment located on the campus of Switzerland's most expensive hotel President Wilson. The rent per night up to $ 81,000 here and the price is recorded as "terrorist" in the world. Many celebrities like Bill Clinton or Mikhail Gorbachev each night here.

căn phòng nằm bên bờ hồ geneva tuyệt đẹp.
Apartment located on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva.

diện tích căn phòng lên tới 1.672m2.
Surface area up to 1.672m2.

tổng cộng có 12 phòng ngủ và 12 buồng tắm chiếm trọn một tầng của khách sạn.
A total of 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms takes up an entire floor of the hotel.

vị trí đắc địa nằm ngay gần trụ sở liên hợp quốc của khách sạn đã thu hút những nhân vật nổi tiếng như tổng thống mỹ bill clinton, vua xứ Ảrập xếÚt, cựu thủ tướng anh tony blair.
Located in a prime location near the UN headquarters, this apartment had welcomed many special guests such as President Bill Clinton, the king of Saudi Arabia, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

danh sách này còn bao gồm tỷ phú bill gates, doanh nhân sir richard branson và ông hoàng nhạc pop michael jackson.
This list includes Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and his King of Pop Michael Jackson.

an ninh tại căn phòng được ưu tiên hàng đầu với cửa bọc thép, lính canh và cửa sổ chống đạn.
Security here is a top priority with armored doors, guards and bulletproof windows.

căn phòng được bố trí thang máy riêng, đàn piano hiệu steinway cùng hệ thống kết nối với một sân bay trực thăng.
Apartments are arranged private elevator, Steinway piano performance with a system connected to the heliport.

các doanh nhân hoặc chính khách nghỉ ở đây có thể yên tâm điều hành công việc tại phòng họp sang trọng.
The businessman or politician can stay here safely operating the meeting room at the luxurious.

hầu như các buồng ở đây đều có cửa sổ nhìn ra hồ geveva và dãy núi alps, thậm chí cả phòng tắm.
Almost all the rooms have windows overlooking the lake and the Alps Geveva, even the bathroom.

mỗi phòng đều có đội ngũ phục riêng trực 24 giờ trong ngày, bao gồm thư ký, đầu bếp và quản gia.
Each room has its own service team available 24 hours a day, including secretaries, cooks and stewards.

Đây là một trong 3 khách sạn đầu tiên trên thế giới trang bị ti vi màn hình phẳng rộng 103 inch trị giá 130.000 usd.
President Wilson was one of three first hotel in the world equipped with large flat-screen televisions worth $ 130,000 103 inch.

không chỉ vậy, căn phòng còn có cả phòng tập, bàn chơi bi-a và trung tâm chăm sóc sắc đẹp.
Not only that, this place also includes a gymnasium, billiard tables and beauty center.

ban công riêng phục vụ ngắm cảnh tuyệt đẹp cho du khách.
Balcony sightseeing service for visitors.

trang trí tên tường là các bộ sưu tập do giám đốc khách sạn charles tamman đích thân lựa chọn.
Decorate the wall is the collection by the director Charles Tamman hotel personally selected.

căn phòng xa xỉ này có giá lên tới 81.000 usd một đêm.
Luxury apartments can cost up to $ 81,000 a night.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Beam clip shocking fraud in the examination room in Bac Giang

Beam clip shocking fraud in the examination room in Bac Giang

Supervisor position left out "gossip" to turn freely copied candidates. Not only that, people still smuggle Examination Council resolution in each room all to "save" all candidates ... Avoid this solution leaked, the Examination Council to arrange collection before time runs out.
1. Landscape supervisor candidates only last for:
2. Landscape supervisor walked out of "gossip" default copy back to the candidate:

3.Test subject was taken to bring resolution photo thumbnails, then "delivered" to the candidate:
4. Examination Council staff (supervisory office?) Withdraw the "float" when out the examination:
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